About Me

Jon has been behind the camera since he was a teenager growing up in Southern California, heading to the Eastern Sierras every chance he had. Since then, he has traveled to 6 continents and almost 80 countries, slowly experiencing the cultures, wildlife, and food that the world has to offer. In the last decade he has focused more and more on the magnificent creatures so threatened across the globe. He now volunteers with both ifaw global and Team Rubicon for wildlife rescue and disaster relief. After a number of careers, jobs, and places lived, he continues to look for places to hike, travel, meet, explore, and get lost.

2021 – Finalist, Wildlife – OneEyeland – https://oneeyeland.com/top-10/photo-contest/wildlife/award_images.php?award_id=5742

2021 – Nominee, Wildlife, Amateur – Fine Art Photography Awards – https://fineartphotoawards.com/winners-gallery/fapa-2020-2021/amateur/wildlife-animals/hm/16281

2021 – Honorable Mention, Wildlife – Mono Awards – https://monoawards.com/winners-gallery/monochrome-awards-2020/amateur/wildlife/hm/14304

2019 – Cover for Africa travel brochure – https://www.africanwildlifesafaris.com.au/destinations/africa/africa-brochure/

2019 – Bronze Award – OneEyeland – https://oneeyeland.com/top-10/photo-contest/black-and-white/award_images.php?award_id=2522

2019 – Finalist – OneEyeland – https://oneeyeland.com/top-10/photo-contest/black-and-white/award_images.php?award_id=2691

More of my photography in my Viewbug gallery here.

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How many countries I have been to. Visited Countries Map Maker
Visited 67 UN countries (34.7%) out of 193.
Make your own visited countries map.


  1. Hi Jon,
    I truly ejoyed your blog and photography from your recent Rwanda trip with Travel Beyond. I made a similar trip, organized through Travel Beyond, in 2008. Your words ignited all senses in recalling my experience there. Thank you.


  2. Good for you still wandering…you always took the most amazing photos. These are simply incredible.


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